Monday, December 10, 2012

7 Things to Do at the End of the Semester

1. Evaluate
Look over the semester as a whole. What went well and what did not? How was the response to your core/most important things? How did your student leaders do and what do you need to do differently in working with them or double down on? Did you utilize your particular strengths/gifts to the max? What are some minor adjustments to be made? You only make wholesale changes, if your semester was a total disaster.

2. Write Handwritten Thank You's.
Write a personal note to every pastor whose church gave or helped you and to every individual that helped you. They don't have to be long...just personal!

3. If you have a Center or meeting place of hour own, clean out that nasty corner or room where everything got dumped. If you think it all looks great, ask someone what needs cleaning....sometimes, we get used to seeimg a mess and don't ralize how bad it is.

4. Lay Out Next Semester.
What are you doing Spring your mission trip nailed down? Will you select a new Leadership Team? When will that be and will you need any special questionnaires or forms? Do you speak regularly....what will your topics/scripture be?

5. Enourage a friend in College Ministry.
Pick out someone you know who went from salaried to raising their salary or someone just starting a ministry. Call them and ask how it is going and then listen....a lot!

6. Rest/Take your spouse our for some extra time.
If you don't know how to do this call me, you need more personal attention!

7. Study another ministry.
Look at a ministry of your denomination on another campus or get outside your regular circles and look at a non-denominational one that is totally different. Go to lunch with other campus ministers on your campus...any campus trends, new developments in the administration that might affect you?

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  1. These are great suggestions, Arliss! I'm in college ministry myself, and I have a blog dedicated to doing #5 above: