Thursday, January 15, 2015

Collegiate Connect Day - Sunday, January 25th

Collegiate Connect Day is the annual day set to have a special emphasis and encouragement for college and university students to connect to one local church by joining that church.

Why should a College Ministry Church observe Collegiate Connect Day?
1. Faith is about being part of the body of believers.
2. Students have a tendency to float from one church to another or do "Cafeteria Churching". They pick this event from our church and this good thing from that church, and oh yeah, they go over to that church for their events sometimes too. They don't learn and develop the concept of commitment to one church.
3. Although we might think this is not such a bad thing....they are going to church....they are seeking the Lord. Are we raising a generation that will do "Cafeteria Churching" as young families and middle aged adults?

Why don't college students join a church like they used to?
1. Churches used to tell their student going off to college to "move their membership" when they got there. Now, most no longer do that and in fact, they may say, "We don't want to lose you".
2. The MAIN reason students don't join a church? They are not encouraged to and they don't know how.

So, how could I do Collegiate Connect Day?
1. Talk to your students about joining and why it matters. Some Collegiate Churches have "Watchcare Membership" for students to identify with that church, but don't technically join.
2. When students know other students will join at that time, it makes it easier for them to do so also.
3. You could send a message to each student who has visited your church since school started telling them their joining options and encouraging them to do so.

One More Reason to Do Collegiate Connect Day: the University Minister at the church I attend did this last year and 15 students joined that one day. It highlighted th College Ministry to the whole church. The church thought he was the best College Minister we had ever had!

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