Monday, January 19, 2015

The Unforgivable Sin in College Ministry?

Apart from not teaching the Gospel or sharing our faith, what are the things we have to do to make a College Ministry work?

My church recently lost our College Minister and I was asked to step in for the first three weeks and speak at our weekly collegiate event. The first one went well. We had a good crowd and they could not have been more responsive to what I had to say. Some even asked me specific questions about my message after it was over. To me, that's the best compliment. Later someone said, there were several people there who had never been before.

Then it it hit me.....we had committed what I think is "The Unforgivable Sin of College Ministry". No one had in any way gotten names and contact info. There was not a sign in sheet; there were no Info Cards. I didn't have a cheat sheet in my pocket where I wrote down names and numbers when I met a student for the first time.

Now, we can HOPE they will come back. We can HOPE they know we are glad they came. We goofed! Are you assuming everyone who comes to your event...perhaps for the first time at the start of this semester....knows you are glad they came and will come back? Do you know how to contact them?

What's your "Unforgivable Sin of College Ministry" and are you guarding against committing it?

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