Friday, January 23, 2015

Watch Your Keys

I had a football coach who was continually yelling (he had the spiritual gift of loud.), "Watch your keys". He coached the defensive backs and the keys that kept you in the right place were things like the quarterback's eyes, etc. Pro golfers talk about their "swing keys" like, head down and still. Things that help keep their swing in right alignment. What are your "Ministry Keys"? Things that keep your ministry in right alignment and you being where you are supposed to be. Here are some of what I think are "College Ministry keys".

-Being a student of your campus...what are it's unique features, where are the best places to connect with students and what is the typical personality of your campus students?

-Having a positive relationship with the campus administration. They see you at best as a benefit to them and at least not a negative. You know the campus rules and your ministry does not break them.

-Student Ownership...students feel like the ministry is theirs. They are involved in making decisions and therefore are willing to invest much of themselves in the ministry.

-Being You....utilizing your specific gifts and strengths. You are not trying to be a copy of your hero in ministry or whoever has the latest hot book out. Plus, you understand the "Season of Life" you are in age wise and you recognize the strengths that season brings to your ministry. You are playing to your strengths.

-Developed Network of need partners for emotional and spiritual support. You need partners for ministry finances. Maybe even, you need partners for your salary. But, even if you have a wonderful salary provided by somebody, you need a network of encouragers. You need fellow College Ministers to share your defeats and victories. Who do you talk to when you feel like you have been kicked in the head.

-Being a person of integrity and character that is walking with the Lord...the kind of person people want to send their sons and daughters to.

He used to yell, "Watch your keys now, you hear"?

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