Friday, October 31, 2014

Three Types of College Students....Which Are You Reaching?

Over simply put, I believe there are three types of college students.

Type #1. Pretty/Handsome/Charistmatic Personality - They may have looks and personality or one of those characteristics. Or, another term would be "The popular students". Everyone wants them to be part of whatever is happening on campus. Some College Ministries try to appeal specifically to this group because they see them as "Influencers" that will multiply the ministry. They are drawn to large crowds and want to be where the action is. Sometimes, they are quick to move on when the lights begin to dim.

Type #2. Hard Workers - These students stand out because they do not necessarily function by their appearance or personality, but rather they are your "do-ers". Give them a task and it will get done. Some would describe them as your "Manager types". The Hard Workers typically want to accomplish something. Give them a task to do and empower them to do it. They can be impatient with those that "don't do".

Type #3. Quiet or Introverted - they tend to not like large crowds and often are drawn more to smaller groups and when they commit to something or someone, they are intensely loyal. Yet, they want and need someone to recognize their value and affirm and encourage their abilities. Often, they are not good at bringing others due to their personality and preferring things being smaller.

Is this overly simplified? Yes. But, I believe it is basically true. Now, which of these students does your College Ministry most appeal to or try to reach? Some ministries intentionally try to reach one of these groups. Others simply find that is who they are reaching.

Now, let me state the obvious: God loves all these students! So, do you have students out of each of these categories in your ministry? Or, does your ministry just represent one of these groups? If so, why is that? Should you be doing something that would encourage and find a place for each of these students in your ministry? Some would say, "When you reach one group, it tends to exclude another group.". I think that is true naturally. But, that is where your ministry has to work against what comes "naturally".

So, which group are your primarily reaching and why is that? Which group are you primarily not reaching and why is that? It is a deeply held belief of mine that a healthy College Ministry has a variety of types of students in it....the In Crowd and the Out Crowd.

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