Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Value of a Personal, Handwritten Note

This week Chris Larmoyeux, the pastor of an Arkansas church, posted on Facebook a picture of a note he had found in a box of college stuff from the 90's.

It was a note from Darrell Cook (Now Baptist Campus Minister at Virginia Tech.), who then served as Associate BCM Director at Arkansas State University. The note had been written to the then high school senior who had visited the BCM Center on his college campus visit. The note invited him to be part of the ministry, if he chose Arkansas State. The pastor went on to say how the ministry had been used in his growth, calling and meeting his wife.

I am a huge believer in writing personal notes, rather than just doing texts, phone calls, emails, Facebook, etc. Although, I definitely believe there is a place for all of them.

1. A handwritten note communicates a personal touch.

2. A handwritten note to a student is often seen by their parents which has a variety of good effects.

3. A handwritten note can be brief but draw atrention to an enclosed brochure or flyer that might not get as much attention if mailed alone. (The pastor also posted a picture of the brochure about the ministry's Freshmen Survival event.).

4. A handwritten note Indicates a personal interest by the College Minister.

5. A handwritten note to a financial contributor communicates a greater sense of gratitude than a form letter.

6. A hand written note can be just three or four sentences and communicate way more than a printed letter.

Some years ago I read of a congressman who never let a letter to a constituent be mailed without his quickly adding a hand written Post Script. Most of the letters were a form letter that had been customized, but he personalized each one.

"I Paul write this greeting in my own hand..." 2 Thessalonians 3:17 NIV

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