Monday, December 14, 2015

Teaching and Modeling Excellence in Your College Ministry

In my previous Blog I said that one of my non-Negotiables was teaching and expecting excellence. I gave the, to some, silly....but true......example of how for our Outreach Lunch Program, we put the fork on the left (on the folded napkin)of where the plate would go. And, we put the knife on the right of the plate with the cutting edge toward the plate. One out-going Lunch Team Leader even presented their successor with a chart showing the correct place for all pieces of silverware. That illustrates my first point about teaching excellence.

1. Excellence is taught in little things.
We could argue that where the fork goes doesn't matter...just so they have a fork. But, if we are sloppy in little things, why do we suddenly expect excellence in big things. Coaches say, "You play the way you practice.".

2. Don't ever expect something from your students that you don't model yourself.
Our students are watching and listening to us all the time. We may be teaching the most when we least realize it.
Are you on time? When you tell your students you will do something, do you do it?

3. If you have a facility, Center or room, it should look it's best.
It may be old, but it can be clean and even freshly painted. Or, if there are chairs randomly stacked around during our event, does that present a picture of excellence? The rows can be neat and symmetrical (yes; I'm a nut about how the chairs are arranged.).

4. Evaluating regularly is a part of teaching excellence.
It says we are always trying to get better.

5. Apologize to a student when you need to.
Sometimes, we will forget to do something we said we would. When we apologize, that says we take it seriously.

I don't think Jesus ever said to the disciples, "Guys, second and third best is ok.". Yet, we say that when we don't attempt to model and expect excellence.

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