Friday, January 22, 2016

12 Qualities of Super Effective College Ministers

1. They don't peg themselves theologically with just one group.
-They are able to connect with and encourage all those that want to walk with the Lord.

2. They intentionally seek out and invest individually in students with great potential.

3. They network.
-They talk with and are friends with college ministry people in different states and in different kinds of ministries.

4. They realize they are the picture of their ministry.
-Fairly or unfairly, they understand their ministry is judged by them.

5. They maximize the dead spots and hot spots.
-They recognize the different rhythms of semesters, breaks, summer, first month of school, etc.

6. They plant themselves in one place and build one year on top of another which grows momentum and support.

7. They advance the careers of others.
-They are always willing to benefit others, especially young College Ministers.

8. They live in both the present and the future....maximizing the present, but looking ahead by planning and adjusting for the future.

9. They are high touch.
-They have very personal and warm relationships with students.

10. They are uniquely themselves and comfortable with who they are.

11. They learn from others continually....even those who may not know as much as they do.

12. They practice a very personal faith and growing relationship to the Lord that keeps them humble and grounded.

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