Monday, January 18, 2016

5 Ways to Reach More Students.....But and However

1. Start a second large group worship event at a different time or day...same weekly message with same speaker or utilize a different speaker.

2. Enlarge your Leadership Team to bring more students into ownership roles.

3. Stop doing something you do programming wise to put more time and effort into outreach for your main event.

4. Make food a part of every worship event....before or after.

5. Change locations of your main event to a better, more convenient location.

BUT, decide in advance if the change(s) will cause your ministry to lose something you must not lose. HOWEVER, be honest with yourself about the need to touch more students' lives for Christ and that a crowd is not all that matters. Balance reaching more with the need to build deeply in the lives of a few students. More is not always automatically better.

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