Monday, June 27, 2016

The 50 Darkest College Campuses?

It was my privilege to meet last week with about forty men and women who serve in various aspects of College Ministry for Southern Baptists. We all serve on different work teams to advance College Ministry.

I liked every thing that came out of all our meetings. But, the idea that most captivated me is one team's plan to identify "the 50 darkest campuses in North America". By darkest they mean those where there is NO Christian witness and there is no nearby evangelical church with any ministry to the campus. A factor in determining these fifty will be other words, how many students are there.

When these fifty campuses are identified, then it is the plan and goal to encourage and help Ministries of whatever shape or plan to establish there. Wow! What a goal....what an undertaking. There has been talk recently of trying to encourage College Church Plants on the 50 largest campuses in America. As you might guess, there are names on that list you will recognize...some of America's best known Universities. But, many of them already have multiple ministries there. True, there are always more students that can be reached. But, I am captivated by the idea of going where no one has gone! By the way, if you google the 50 Largest College Campuses, number two is Liberty University (due to their large Internet enrollment).

What can all of us do?

1. Pray
2. Spread the word that we need help identifying these campuses. Do you have a nomination? Can you contact a friend who might?
3. Plan now to possibly adopt one of these 50 Darkest Campuses. You could send a team there for Spring Break. You could send a monetary gift to others who might go.
4. God might begin to place it on your heart to go to one of these campuses.

But, right now we just need help knowing who they are. If you have a thought or nomination, you can send it to me and I will pass it on. #50orbust!


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