Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How Many Students Do You Plan to Keep?

If you do College Ministry, you are in the midst of or just finishing your start of school outreach events. If I were to ask you, "How many are you planning on keeping?". Some would say "all" and others would say, "who knows".

If your ministry does lots of different outreach events, there is the obvious realization all of them eill not stick and many will be touched only once. But seriously, how many are you PLANNING to keep? I was talking with a friend about a ministry he is close to. They have in the last couple of years had way more students in their outreach events....but, when the dust settles....they have the same number involved. Are you content with your same old number you have every year?

If you manage to touch more, why don't more stick? There can be lots of answers to that question. But, I believe the simplest answer is, you did not have an organization or structure to keep more. Want to reach more freshmen? Do you just plan to have more in each Freshmen Bible Study OR are there more Freshmen Bible Studies or some that meet at different times and places as previously? What changes the equation?

Are there additional seats at your weekly worship event or are the same old number and your hope is they will fill and overflow? Remember, the 80% rule.

Ok honestly many are you structured to reach and maintain?

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