Monday, August 1, 2016

The Multiplier Effect in College Ministry?

Roughly defined a multiplier is an expenditure that returns way more than it costs you. For those in College Ministry, we are always looking for something to multiply our time, multiply our resources, and multiply the response, etc.

Without a doubt, the multiplier in College Ministry is the development of student leaders. Student leaders impact students the College Minister could never touch. Student leaders bring gifts to the ministry the College Minister does not have. A wider variety of students can be touched, reached, and involved in a ministry more than any one College Minister could ever do. But, it is an investment of time and intentionality to enlist, develop and pour into student leaders. But, that investment of time multiplies the investment.

Three things we have to do to create this multiplier:

1. Look for students who have potential to lead and challenge them as to how God can use them in the days and years to come.

2. Walk with them and teach them how to lead. Help them process their experiences and learn from them. Help them deal with negative experiences. I do not subscribe to the "sink or swim" theory of leadership training. Too many sink and never come back.

3. Trust them to lead in their areas of leadership. Encourage, guide, but don't micromanage.

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