Friday, March 16, 2012

"6 Types of College Ministers - The Administrator"

The Administrator is the College Minister who works through student leaders, advanced planning with a strength in the area of organization. This is your picture of the behind the scenes person. Often, this Campus Ministr type is not a speaker personality type. The ministry involves a high investment and time in student leaders and the emphasis is putting them up front and helping them grow and be successful.

Often, this Campus Ministry style is not appreciated as it should be due to a lack of "face time". This style does not lend itself to quick growth, but tends to be very stable and even over the years. The strength of this style is stability and the real development of the student leaders that carries them through a lifetime of ministry and sevice. A weakness of this style is sometimes the difficulty of attracting students in the beginning and getting the ministry off the ground at the start. But, the students who go out of this ministry know how to serve and lead.

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