Thursday, March 8, 2012

"6 Types of College Ministers - The Rainmaker"

The Rainmaker is defined as one whom wherever he or she serves, they almost instantly draw a crowd. The automatic assumption is that this is your personality type campus minister who simply draws off of personal charisma and/or big-time speaking ability. Yet, I have also seen this in campus ministers who are not "personality types." The "non-flashy" rainmaker usually does so by communicating a clear vision that the existing students immediately buy into and go extreme in reaching out to friends. Or, sometimes this type leader is able to organize a confederation of different ministries that join together under a new vision.

The pluses and minuses of this style are fairly obvious. If it is built strictly on personality, it usually does not last past the current campus minister or even only till the new wears off. But, an obvious strength is the ability to immediately draw increased financial support and to quicken the pace of developing a ministry that can last long term. An immediate challenge is to build a leadership and support network that will maintain the new larger crowd.

In today's worship culture the flash point may be a certain band or worship leader and the challenge is to build depth into the ministry that transcends "it's all about the band".

If you are blessed with the gift of being a Rainmaker, work at developing the structure that supports the crowd and find those that might help you in the organizational skills that Rainmakers sometimes lack.

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