Monday, March 26, 2012

The Biggest College Ministry Myth..."if we do our work, the funding will take care of itself."

Wow! I first wrote this myth 3 or 4 years ago and did not realize that
It would only become "truer".....we are currently seeing the most de-funding of campus ministry I have seen in my time in college ministry. Those who have lost their funding due to the strategy change at NAMB range from 30 to 50 depending on whose estimate is correct. These also are at nationally crucial campuses like Princeton and West Point. More US Presidents and Secretaries of State have graduated from Princeton than any other University. Obviously, West Point is turning out national leaders for the military and later in key civilian roles.

The drop in giving to local churches is affecting their decisions about what ministries they can support individually, such as local BCM budgets. Some State Conventions have cut BCM positions as the convention income has declined or as they have committed additional funds to the NAMB church planting strategy. There are no totals available for these cuts as no one wants to tout that they are cutting positions in a state convention.

No easy answer....but BCM alumni providing just a little individual support would go a long way. Each alum giving $100 a year would be huge. Speaking up in church budget planning would be huge, as well. Someone has said that college ministry is easier to cut because there are fewer complaints!

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