Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Two Words I'm Hearing Most"

One word is from College Ministers and the other describes today's college and 20 something generation.

From College Ministers the word I am hearing is "stress" expressed different ways. There is the stress from those who have lost their funding and are raising their salaries now. But, they often express that they will experience a new freedom from unrealistic expectations placed on them after their funding is in place. The next group expressing stress are those who think their position will possibly be de-funded in the next year or two. The third stress expression is coming from college ministers in deep south states saying there is so much being asked of them now public relations or promotion wise to avoid a day of salary de-funding. The fourth stress being expressed is collegiate staffs are being cut, but the same level of work and productivity is expected from fewer people.

Describing students and other Twenty Somethings, the word is "Paradox".....from holding contradictory beliefs to being ready to change the world, but being self-absorbed....wanting close relationships, but using cell phones to just relate to a few.

No simple answers here...but pray for and encourage the College Ministers you know who may even be in a tougher spot than you are.....and keep talking and sharing with each other!

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