Monday, March 19, 2012

"6 Types of College Ministers - The Hybrid"

The Hybrid Campus Minister is the one who realizes through experience or good training, that he or she must add to his or her natural style in order to be more effective. For example, The Rainmaker may have natural speaking ability that draws a crow, but realizes unless he or she develops the organiation of The Administrator that the ministry will not develop the structure to maintain the initial crowd that is generated.

All of us bring a natural style to campus ministry. Sometimes, it is the result of our individual ability or the result of imitating the style of campus ministry of which we came through. But, then our specific ministry calls for something beyond what comes naturally to us. That is the point of real growth happening witin us. Unfortunately, some decide to limit their ministry to what comes naturally or easy to them.

Which style are you? Next post!

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