Friday, March 9, 2012

"6 Types of College Ministers - The Pastor"

The Pastor is defined as one who usually operates as "Brother so - in- so" and is very ministerial in appearance and action. This Campus Minister has often served as a pastor and brings that style to campus ministry. The assumption for some is that this style will not be effective on a campus. But, particularly in the deep south this is exactly what many Christian students are looking for at college...a father, authoritative religious figure. This is someone who will help them continue in their faith while away from home.

Another strength of The Pastor Campus Minister is relationships with area churches and pastors. He deals with and relates to them as a trusted figure and peer. Often, this leads to excellent financial support that strengthens the ministry. An obvious issue to deal with is those students who perceive a pastor type as someone they cannot or do not want to relate to. The challenge is to demonstrate openness and availability to a wide variety of students.

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