Monday, August 13, 2012

"20 Principles and Wise sayings of College Ministry"

1. It takes 3 years for a ministry to become yours in philosophy and organization.

2. A meeting space will only fill to 80% capacity on a regular basis. The converse is true that too many empty seats gives a negative feeling.

3. Once students have been inside your facility or regular meeting place, they are more likely to come back.

4. A college ministry almost always reflects the strengths and weaknesses of it's leader.

5. When you stop recruiting and training leaders, you have begun the end of your ministry.

6. What students you reach determines what students you can and cannot reach.

7. To reach a particular group, reach someone in that group.

8. Students will only hear 4 announcements at most.

9. The single most effective way to grow your ministry is to establish an intentional and specialized freshmen ministry.

10. To increase the number of students in your ministry, increase the number of leadership/ownership roles.

11. You will attract students like the students already active in your ministry.

12. For a college ministry to continue to grow, it must have more than one "in-group".

13. Large special/fun events can be used to attract students to your ministry and to develop campus awareness.

14. To have a ministry larger than your personal ministry, you must organize and administrate.

15. To maintain upper-class involvement, there must be opportunities and responsibilities not available to them in earlier years.

16. Campus-wide publicity/promotion not only tells about an event or the ministry in general, but the quality of the promotion gives a message about the quality of the ministry.

17. If multiple staff members know and work with all the same students, you are nit using your staff to full advantage.

18. The big attracts; the small keeps (Dave Jobe).

19. Never let a student come through one of your events without getting a name and contact information.

20. Donors tend to give in relationship to what is asked for or expected.

Arliss Dickerson

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