Monday, August 27, 2012

"New Welcome Week Ideas"

Lots of college ministries have traditional events or multiple outreach/welcome events. But, sometimes it is time for something different. Here are some from last week.

University of Kentucky BCM does "Death by Chocolate". One of their local churches provides all sorts of chocolate treats and over 400 UK students came thru to check it out and there are displays spread all around with info about different ministries of the BCM and upperclassmen are giving in for and getting name and contact info plugged into laptops.

Southern Mississippi BSU does a traditional Survival event for freshmen/transfers, but they wind it up on Sunday by dividing the different family groups up into four different churches on Sunday where the church feeds them a meal after worship.

Arkansas State invited four churches to join them in a Progressive Dinner for new International students. Seventy-five toured four chutes for great food and met potential host families.

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