Friday, March 1, 2013

The WHY of College Ministry

Yesterday I saw a video of Simon Sinek's Ted talk on The Why. It is terrific, if you have not seen it. It made me wonder if we have done a good job of telling people, churches, denominations the Why of College Ministry.

Some of the WHY of College Ministry:

College students are at the most pivotal time of their life. Psychologists say that the two greatest times of change in a person's life are birth to one and high school graduation to Christmas....and obviously it is not all roses from there.

Christian college students hear thoughts and questions they have never heard before. Who helps them process that with their faith?

College students are young enough to be influenced and old enough to make life altering decisions.

Most of the leaders of our society come from our colleges and universities.

Non-Christian students are deciding what are the foundations they will place their life around.

The future leaders of the world come to US colleges and universities to study.

The churches of tomorrow need the best lay leadership possible.

The call to vocational ministry must be declared to young and available lives searching for their life purpose.

Are you clearly stating the specific why of your ministry to those who need to hear it? Sinek says those who state they why are the most the video!

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  1. I agree that students are at their most impressionable state when they are in college. They are indeed making decisions that will affect the rest of their lives, and this needs to be a time when the church can reach out and minister too them.

    I would add that the church needs to actively be searching their college campuses for those who are called to fulltime or partime ministry. This is fertile ground that can be tilled to the betterment of the church.