Monday, April 8, 2013

College Minister of the Year Nominations Sought!

College Ministers are among, if not the most, under appreciated of all those in ministry. In May we plan to announce the College Minister of the Year. Help us do that. Send us your nominations with a 3 or 4 sentence statement of why you are nominating that person.

They don't have to be famous. He or she may serve on a small campus and not have hundreds at their events. But, their ministry is strong; they serve faithfully and they are and have made a difference.

We will announce those nominated and give them a bit of recognition. Formerly, the Association of Southern Baptist Campus Minister's Association used to honor one Campus Minister each year with their Service Award. Since the ABSCM group dissolved, there has been no such recognition.

The Country Music Entertainer of the Year Award is comes the College Minister of the Year! Send us YOUR nomination. Send the nomination to

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