Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Which is Better Personality or Organization?

Most have the view of the perfect College Minister as being one who wows people with his or her personality. They come to a ministry and instantly people are drawn to them and the ministry booms. But, not all of us who are called to College Ministry are the super personality type....did God make a mistake in our call or did we mis-hear what God was saying?

I must say I have come to the conclusion that I will take organization every time...if the two don't go together. A "Personality Ministry" often disappears when the personality leaves. A ministry built over time by organization tends to outlast the organizer.

Organization develops a variety of leaders and shares ownership. If God has blessed you with the big personality, be grateful, but work on your organization. I must tell you the vast majority of great Collegr Ministries with which I'm familiar are led by organization people.

Organizing multiplies your ministry.

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  1. I agree that organization is a necessary component to any thriving college ministry. If the organization is out of whack, so will the ministry.

    I would disagree slightly with downplaying personality. I would say that someone who is personable needs to work on organization, but someone who is organized needs to work to be personable, because relationships are the building blocks for the ministry.

    I would add that God gives gifts to his ministers naturally, and each minister needs to work on the areas in which he is not gifted in order to have a more effective ministry.