Tuesday, April 23, 2013

7 Key Relationships for Campus Based College Ministers

Relationships are the currency of our ministry. This is true for both campus and church based. But, the list varies a little for the two. If you are campus based, these 7 are a must for your ministry to be it's best.

1. Relationships with your key student leaders....one on one investment, etc.

2. Relationships with casual attendees....do they believe you k ow and care about them?

3. Relationships with campus leaders....Student body president, Activities Board, know any cheerleaders?

4. Relationships with campus administrators....do they know who you are? Do they see you as a fellow professional?

5. Relationships with key figures on campus...coaches, certain professors.

6. Relationships with the students no one else tries to relate to....we need to attract some of the top students on campus, but we also need to attract and minister to those students who wouldn't have anyone else, if they didn't have us!

7. Relationships with people that do or could potentially support your ministry financially. NEVER take any funding for granted! Everyone is looking for places to cut!!

How's your relationships? Which ones do you need to work on?

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