Sunday, September 1, 2013

The BCM Director Position at Arkansas State

I have been privileged to return as "Acting Director/Campus Minister" at Arkansas State where I retired two years ago. Chad Logan who has served in this position for the last two years and done a super job has resigned to serve with a church in the Atlanta area.

Some have asked about the position. David James, Arkansas Collegiate Ministry Team Leader, will select the person to fill this position. David is accepting resumes and recommendations for the position. No one has been selected for the position and there is no pre-determined selection.

I genuinely believe this is one of the best campus-based ministry positions in Baptist life. There is a large, practical and modern BCM Center in the middle of the campus. The program has an excellent budget and strong alumni support that helps to provide additional staff positions. The University administration is very friendly and cooperative with the ministry. There is a strong on-going program with a strong tradition. The current weekly schedule includes Freshmen Night and International Conversation partners on Monday night, a large Lunch program on Wednesdays with a speaker, and large group worship on Thursday nights.

Recommendations and resumes may be sent to David at Anything sent to me, I will simply forward to David.

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