Friday, August 30, 2013

College Minister: Preacher or Teacher?

I have commented in the past that I think College Ministers have swung more from seeing themselves as teachers to seeing themselves as preachers. I think this partly the result of the Passion Conferences which consciously or unconsciously College Ministers tend to see Louie Giglio as their role model. Also, I think the example of the mega church ministries where some young charismatic pastor speaks to hundreds of students each week shapes our view of how it is "supposed" to be done.

As I am a little way into my return to the college campus (my fifth season), I want to come down again more firmly on the side of the College Minister as teacher. I have long seen myself as a speaker...not a preacher. When I was little I heard some described as preachers and other as speakers. I asked my dad what the difference was. My dad was a simple uneducated man. He scratched his head and said, "I think when you speak you have to have something to say". That's a true story, I promise.

There's lots of great preaching....but there's not many people trying to teach students how to do life. And, I think less than ever do they know how or have anyone teaching them how to do the everyday living of life. I spoke last night to a very nice crowd and hope to speak to an even bigger crowd next week. But, I won't be preaching; I'll be talking about how God works in every day life. And, I'll let them ask questions and make comments....preachers don't do that. Then, I'll encourage them to go to church on Sunday where thy will hear some good and sometimes some great preaching.

Just don't call me a College Preacher!

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