Friday, September 27, 2013

Things I Saw and Heard on Campus This Week

An International student came into our Center and asked if he and some friends could use our chapel and drums for their band to practice for an event this weekend. I told him I would be glad for them to practice there, but that the drums belonged to one of our students and I could not loan them. I told him he would be there later and he could come back and speak to the owner. He came back and visited with the student who owned the drums. I asked my student about the conversation, he laughed and said, "They not only wanted to borrow my drums to practice, but they asked if I could teach their drummer how to drum".

The Chi Alpha ministry on campus had a tent set up in front of the Student Center advertising "Giant Sushi Roll". They were using it as a way to contact and connect with International students. Great Idea!

The funniest thing I saw this week was the student who was sitting at a table in the Student Center where organizations can have a table to promote events or distribute information. He was playing guitar and singing. On the table he had his guitar case open the way street musicians do to receive money. There was a sign on the open guitar case that said, "Donate to (Name) Campus Ministry". I have never seen that before. Two thoughts went through my head....does he get any or much money...and does the Campus Minister of that ministry know he is doing this?

A student told me that he was uncomfortable going to a Christian campus event he had attended regularly for the last couple of years because they were appealing now primarily to Greeks and athletes. Others shared they also did not feel comfortable there any longer. There is a mystery here. The Crusade Director at Ole Miss has a huge weekly event involving 400 to 500 Greeks. He told a friend when they tried to make it for non Greeks as well it dwindled to about 60. They had to go back to all Greek. What does this mean and how should we respond?

A student told me he wished his college church would connect him to an older family. He only knows other students.

What did you hear and see on campus this week?

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