Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Campus Hot Spots

Campus Hot Spots are those places where it is easy to see and run into a large number and variety of students. Many years ago when I first went to Arkansas Stare, I realized that almost everyone that lived on campus went to the campus post office at either 9:00 a.m. Or 10:00 a.m. Especially at the beginning of the year, I would stand in front of the post office. I would see students I had just met and could say hey again. Core students in our ministry would come by and introduce me to their roommate or whomever they were walking with.

Obviously, cell phones and Facebook or email has changed that....but, the principle of Campus Hot Spots has not. Where are places or the place you can go where you see students you know and meet others without it being awkward?
It may be the campus coffee shop....maybe it is the student exercise center. For me, it is the cafeteria. Amazingly enough ASU has only one cafeteria. Any student who lives on campus goes there. I go there for Lunch Monday and Thursday. I sit with a table full of students and talk...both serious and fun. I get to speak to others in passing. Students introduce me to other students. I must confess that I have sometimes eaten more than I wanted or needed just in order to stay connected to a new group that had just filled up the table.

Sometimes, I make an appointment to meet a student or two for lunch there to get to know them better. Other times I just go. But, for me that is The Campus Hot Spot. Where is your Campus Hot Spot?

My friend, Darrell Cook, BCM Director at Virginia Tech, yesterday reminded me of the term "Campus Hot Spot". He also said I told him years ago to put more money in his retirement fund.....that's real good advice....believe me!

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