Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Help; Our Church College Ministry is Sucking Wind!

One of the privileges I have is to visit with church College Ministers who aren't the big budget ministry, but they see the need and want to connect with and minister to students.

Here are 10 Ideas that Have or Are Working for Somebody.

1. Have breakfast in Sunday school each Sunday witha 4 week rotation.
- pancake man comes once a month and cooks to order.
-casserole Sunday....a different department does it once a year.
-Kids Cereal Day....coco puffs, Lucky Charms, etc
-Panera rolls and coffee

2. Students serve in Kids Ministry Wednesday nights and the church gives them free supper.

3. Wednesday night supper for a $1.

4. Serve Lunch after late worship with Sunday school around the tables.

5. Serve Sunday lunch once a month.,,tied to football home schedule or whatever.

6. 4 Wednesday or Sunday Night Rotation
-Tough question Night...guest speaker speaks on topic like What's the Unforgiveable sin? Revelation in Brief.
-Service Night...do a project at the church...clean up or paint an area.
-Guys Only/Girls only...split for gender specific event.
-Worship night

7. Serve the Community Weekly Project.

8. Have a night where you pair students with doctors,lawyers, teachers, engineers, etc to help students know About their career direction.

9. Have Wednesday night small groups led by students.

10. Be uniquely what your church has to offer.....don't try to copy the "Big Ministries".

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