Friday, October 11, 2013

Do The Students You Are Reaching Look Like Your Campus?

For Homecoming each year our ministry sponsors a Homecoming Cookout and Variety show. We see it as both a fun/fellowship event and an outreach event. Students are encouraged to bring friends, roommates, etc who are not part of our ministry. We work at trying to connect with them personally. As I was helping in one of the food serving lines, I was struck by the wide variety in appearance of those students going thru the line.

Recently, I spoke for a special event for a ministry on another campus. I was struck by the fact that they looked different than the students on our campus looked. They represented their campus. A while ago I was on a different campus and went with some students to the cafeteria. Again, I was struck by how the dress, styles, etc were different than what I see on my campus.

Two thoughts: it is a reminder that every campus is unique and our ministries must be tailored to each campus. Second, our ministry should look like our campus.

It is easier for all of us to reach those like us or just like those we have already reached. But, are we working at building bridges to different students, different campus groups? The crowd at our ministry hopefully all will not look alike.

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