Monday, October 28, 2013

Jesus' Disciples Didn't Jell Their Hair??

I was participating in a University recognition Day at a church yesterday and stood next to the pastor during the music/worship session led by their University Minister and student band. The pastor is a veteran (nice term meaning old like me) and he turned to me and said, "You've seen music go from soup to nuts during your careeer haven't you."

Yes; I have. I remember when it went crazy new and edgy and we went from a piano with one girl playing and one guy directing to different people leading and the words were put on the wall with an overhead projector! We were out front and outside the box. Then, when we started what is now the contemporary worship movement, a College Minister said to me, "We have finally gotten to authentic worship". I said, I wonder what what will come after this. He looked at me horrified.....there is nothing after this...this is it was his Clear thought.

I know to some it is sacrilegious to say, but there is always a next....there will be another new thing at some point. God uses different things at different points. We must never lose sight of that. It is always difficult to keep the message and the vehicle separate. Jesus didn't have a cool worship leader that I know of....maybe even none of the disciples jelled their hair. Plus, I don't think there was a light show at the Sermon on the Mount.

Our message must never be that we are cool, edgy, outside the box or look good in V-neck tee shirts. Our message can't be that our band is better than or louder than your band. Our message must always be that Jesus came to seek and save the lost.

If your vehicle is your message, your message will go out of style. If our message is clearly about Jesus....then, our ministries will be good for eternity. Be current...connect with students and communicate in ways they get and understand....just don't ever think the cool is the main thing.

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