Sunday, October 13, 2013

The 4 Laws of Announcements

Since I'm currently serving in an on-campus College Ministry position currently, I have less time to think and, you will occasionally see some of my favorite previous listings, or at least it's something I don't think we can emphasize too much.

I am a huge complainer about poor announcements.....So, here are the 4 Laws:

1. Make no more than 4 announcements....the more you make, the less they hear.

2. The person making the announcements needs to know about and understand what they are announcing.

3. The announcements need to be worded so that a first time attendee understands them.

4. The announcements should not become the main event or take too much time away from the main purpose of the event.

BUT, I believe there are announcements that should and need to be made!

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