Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5 Things a Church Collegiate Ministry Must Do

1. Involve the whole church with the collegiate ministry.
-help them be aware and to connect with students. One College Minister did "5 minutes of training" in worship services prior to school starting.

2. Connect students to the church as a whole...not just the collegiate ministry.
-Non-student adults in your church can be a huge plus to the students' growth and development.
-Connecting students to the whole church increases the likelihood of their church connections after college.
-If you don't connect to the church as a whole, you are just another para-church ministry.

3. Provide opportunities for service.
-Students today want to make a difference. They can help in children's ministry, Youth, serve at senior adult events. Etc. The church will benefit; the students will grow.....and they have been trained for church serving for the years to come.

4. Make students visible in worship services.
-Have students do anything else others in the church do...read scripture, pray, serve in the worship band.
-It encourages other students and it helps the church be aware of the college ministry....and students have gifts to offer.

5. Find, enlist and train a variety of age adults to serve in your College Ministry as sponsors, teachers, cooks,
-Don't succumb to the temptation that all College Ministry volunteers should be pretty young couples.
-Studies have shown that students want to be mentored and learn from older adults....besides everybody loves their grandmother....and she is a great cook.

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