Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Mr. (Blank) doesn't do breakout sessions."

A few years back I was working with a group on a meeting for Collegiate Ministers. At one point in the program, we were having 6 Mega Seminars (large and longer) and we were trying to enlist top people to lead those. Since we were meeting in the city where a well known Baptist speaker lived and worked, his name was suggested. I sent him an email asking him to do it.

His Ministry Assistant called me and said, "He is extremely busy these days with some family issues and he is Interim pastor at a church and Mr (Blank) does not do breakout sessions.". I wasn't quite sure if she said the last part to let me know how lame my request was or to express her frustration in having to deliver the message.

At another point, I was helping organize a state wide meeting for students. There was also a football game in town that weekend involving one of the colleges involved in the meeting. A Church University Minister had publicized that he was coming to town to do a tailgate party for his students. He was well known to be an expert in one to one discipleship. I called and asked him to lead a seminar on personal discipleship. He said he thought he could and would call me back. He called back to say that he had asked around and none of his students were planning to attend our meeting, so he would not lead a seminar.

I read lots of articles on making the best use of your time and am all about efficiency. I must admit I flinch when I am called to lead the half time devotionals for 3 grade school Upward basketball games on a Saturday morning. After all, I'm real important. My time is valuable.

Most of us in ministry are asked to do too much. Many do more than they should. But, I think we have to continually ask the questions....Am I just about building my kingdom? Or, am I committed to doing my part in building God's kingdom?

Often, what we are willing to do and not do has answered that question.

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