Wednesday, October 15, 2014

When College Talk Titles Can Hurt You

I recently did a blog where I talked about the value and importance of good "promotable titles". I used the example of the College Ministry at FBC, Denton and their series, "How to Date, Mate, and Procreate".

It is also my belief that "sensationalized" titles can hurt you. Several years ago a ministry on our campus rented an auditorium that would seat 300-400 and advertised they would have an event where the speaker would speak on the topic, "How to have Maximum Sex". They had fewer than 75 attend and they soon left the campus and did not continue their ministry on our campus.

What went wrong? Why didn't this work? Two things: the ministry was known for their "bait and switch" tactics and the talk did not deliver what it promised. The talk was how a marriage based in Christ worked best....a principle I am in total agreement with.....but, that's not what they promised.

Some questions to ask about your titles:

1. Do they accurately promote the information that will be given?

2. What impression does this give of our ministry? I believe there is a difference in "promotable titles" and over-sensationalized titles. Over sensationalized titles draw ridicule and scorn. You don't want to be the joke of the campus. And, you never want to be known as a "bait and switch ministry".

Have titles that attract....but...make sure you deliver what is promised!

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