Monday, March 3, 2014

What Should You Speak on EVERY Year?

Last spring I attended the College Metro Conference, a yearly gathering for Church College Ministers. In one of the seminars, one shared that he had a 4 year plan of things students would hear and learn during 4 years in that ministry. I was very impressed with the planning and intentionality that went into his plan.

I like the idea of having a four year plan....but, I think there ought to be some things that get covered in some way every year. Due to transfers, change in schedules, going away from the Lord, etc, etc, there are some students you will have only one year. What should they hear?

Here's five topics I tried to cover each year in my speaking....some were once....others were in a series...some were in a seminar at Back-2-School Retreat, etc.

-Spiritual Gifts

-Healthy Relationships

-Getting Ready for Marriage

-Calling (Call to ministry, etc)

-Forgiveness and starting over

What's in your list? Do you have a one year and four year list?

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