Thursday, October 1, 2015

2 Dates for Your College Ministry Calendar

October 15 - Engage 24

This is a 24 hour period to encourage all Christian students within your college ministry to be intentional about sharing their faith with a non-believer. As you are aware, many who profess Christ have never shared with another how to begin a relationship with Christ. Some ministries will hold special projects that day while others will simply challenge their students to share in their daily contacts. Many hold some sort of gathering that evening for students to tell their experiences, to encourage one another, and celebrate together.

November 15 - Why Church 2015

This is the Sunday set aside to have a special emphasis on college students joining and officially connecting with the church they have been attending since school began in August. Many students simply float from one church to another and never make the intentional commitment. Prior to this Sunday, campus based College Ministries can emphasize the value of not just attending a church, but commmiting to one. A church College Ministry could
send a letter or text to all the students who have visited this fall telling them of this special Sunday and sharing with them the different ways they can join. Some even have a special meeting for students interested in joining. Often, students are more willing to take this step, if they know others are as well.

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