Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lessons from 42 Years of College Ministry

1. You don't get the "atta-boys" and perks that pastors don't have all the pressures and the folks you work with can't fire you.

2. School years start and stop. There are clear beginnings and endings that bring freshness to the ministry and refreshment to the College Minister.

3. There is a benefit to every age you are, if you just recognize and use it.

4. The sooner you get over thinking you are cool the better.....the students quit thinking it long before that.

5. The only way to survive long term is to have friends, colleagues, and supporters other than students.

6. Spouses have to share or embrace the calling to College Ministry.

7. Success is built by putting one year on top of another and most of the time making small tweaks, not wholesale changes.

8. Some years just go better than others....they just do.....only God knows why.

9. No matter how much you love and feel God-called to College Ministry....some days are hard and you have had all you can handle and selling insurance looks good!

10. Students will surprise you....good and bad.

11. It hurts when students you have invested in deeply walk away and you never know why.

12. You gotta raise money.

13. You have to do what gives you satisfaction....and some things that don' just do.

And....I still like chili dogs and pizza!

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