Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's Not Too Late......Sunday is Collegiate Connect Day!

It is not too late to be part of Sunday's Collegiate Connection Day in encouraging college students to join a local church. This is the day set aside by Southern Baptist College Ministries to teach and encourage students in committing to one particular church.

Here are some last minute ideas to consider:

-If you are a Church Collegiate Minister, send out a group text, message by GroupMe, Facebook, email, etc to students encouraging them and reminding them of different ways they can join your church.

-Buy lunch today or tomorrow for some individual students you know who have had interest in joining your church and answer their questions.

-If you know of students who are planning to join, let others know that in that it is easier when they know they will not be the only one.

-Campus based College Ministers who have a Thursday night event could have a brief testimony from a student who is a member of one of your local churches.

-Check out for lots of ideas.

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