Monday, November 2, 2015

Southern Baptists Collegiate Connection Day....Sunday, November 15

When college students across the country come to the campuses in the fall, churches and campus based ministries do an excellent job of outreach to both believers and non-believers. But, many of those students never connect to one church, but simply continue to float and visit. Or, they attend one church after visiting, but never commit to that church and begin to serve there.

Sunday, November 15th is the day Southern Baptists are calling whychurch2015. It is a day to point toward and educate university students in the need for church connection and how to do a church connection. New believers usually have no clue as to how or even why to connect to a specific church. And, students who came to Christ as a child in their home church often do not know how to or even why to move their membership to another church.

Today's collegiate believers are our future church leaders and servants. But, we must prepare and train them for that role. It is not too late for your ministry to be a part of connecting students to the church. Wouldn't it be great to see students flooding the aisles of churches Sunday, November 15? Or, wouldn't it be great to see one or two students join that day! Let's teach students to love the church and be a part.

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