Sunday, July 10, 2016

An Encouraging Word from Princeton University

Influencing Influencers has long been a strategy of many who serve in College Ministry. While every college campus and every college student is loved by the Lord, there are some campuses that have national influence in different ways. I was struck a few years back when I read that more Secretaries of State of the United States had graduated from Princeton University than any other school in America.

David Buschman is Baptist Campus Minister at Princeton University. A few years back due to a change in funding he lost his salary that had been provided by Southern Baptists. But, he and his wife Lynn felt led to stay there. They had invested some years in gaining credibility and felt more doors would open, if they stayed. So, Buschman is one of those College Ministers who raises his salary and he continues to be an Influencer of Influencers.

Here are a few excerpts from his Spring Report in his words that will encourage you about the ministry on this nationally strategic campus.

-An especially strong class of guys comprised my senior Bible....4 Baseballers, 6 Wrestlers, 1 Rhodes Scholar, and 2 others. What a treasure to be able to speak into their lives and learn along side them. A true joy.

-I became a faculty-fellow for the swimming and diving team.

-After 3 years of prayer and efforts, a study for coaches that I've been trying to launch finally emerged...nice mixture of head and assistant coaches, interns and staffers, both men and women. A true answer to prayer and an uplifting group.

-In the absence of a retired Dean, I singularly led the weekly Hour of Power Christian worship service for staff workers each Wednesday throughout the year. I felt really good about the nature of this gathering and my role in it.

-At noon on Good Friday I spoke on the 2nd word from the cross ("Today you will be with me in paradise") at the official Good Friday Observance in PU chapel. Then at night, I was the featured speaker for the inter-fellowship coalition of Christian groups a filled Richardson auditorium in Alexander Hall. I was honored to be asked and felt empowered by God's Spirit as I pointed to the cross.

David Buschman is an example of many today who are raising their own salaries to continue to be where God has planted them. I hope you are as encouraged and challenged by this report as I am.

God is moving on college campuses throughout the country influencing future Influencers. Pray for and encourage those who are serving in many sacrificial ways. If you lead a church or campus based ministry, you might consider adopting a campus such as Princeton to be a prayer partner and encourager.

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