Friday, July 29, 2016

7 Tips for Doing Freshmen Ministry

Doing a specialized and intentional Freshmen Ministry is the single best way to reach more students and impact more students for Christian faith.


1. Freshmen are more available than any other group of students on your campus.

2. Many students shipwreck their lives during their freshman year.


1. Freshmen are looking for friends and fun. They go where the potential is for friends and fun.

2. Freshmen develop their friendships and habits during the first three weeks. College Ministries must make the most of those first three weeks.

3. Seven of ten freshmen do not connect to any spiritual group at college even though they were active in their church as a high school senior.

4. Some Freshmen violate their personal moral code early in the year and this guilt helps push them away from their faith.

5. Many Freshmen will have doubts raised due to questions asked by new friends or professors in class.

6. Freshmen are overwhelmed managing their life and adjustment. Your ministry can offer practical help.

7. Freshmen must understand that doubt and questions are not contrary to healthy faith.

Plan to spend wisely extravagantly for the start of the fall semester for events that will connect with freshmen.

Individual follow-up is key. Make it a goal for someone to have an individual connection with a freshman within 24 hours of attending one of your events,

Train your upper class students to invite, bring and welcome new students. The number one reason students say they attended a Christian event the first time was that someone invited them.

Present the gospel to students who have never heard it.

Don't over announce. The more you announce, the less students hear and remember.

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