Monday, July 18, 2016

Some Things Heard at the Summer College Ministers Fellowship

After three days of listening to some of the best College Ministers (Church and Campus) in the country in both large group and individual conversations, I often had brain overload. One friend said he took fourteen pages of notes and ideas. Here is a small sample...not the biggest or "bestest" just things that struck me for one reason or another.

-A father said his son, a college freshmen, described himself as an "Apatheist"....the word is a combination of atheist and apathy.

-"The Freshmen 15"....the $15 Discount charge for freshmen to attend the Fall Retreat. I love that!

-For a gimmick to be the best, it must be memorable and cheap. So, here was this campus response, they go thru campus apartments to promote their ministry giving away 2 rolls of toilet paper tied together with a ribbon. If they aren't home, they use the ribbon to hang it on their door knob.

Dr. Frank Page, President of the SBC Executive Committee was quoted as saying, "There are three darlings of Southern Baptists: International Missions, Disaster Relief, and Collegiate Ministry".

-Did anybody see where my golf ball went?

-"I did ministry on my first campus by carrying a Bible and a crockpot.". There is a ministry starter formula!

Some Books to use that were mentioned: for girls (Angie Schmidt) for guys
Spiritual Disciplines for a Godly Man, R. Kent Hughes
Life on Mission
Master life.....Still good after 34 years says Keith Cating
Martin Luther's, Letters from a Birmingham jail
Letters To A Birmingham book
The Comparison Trap, Sandra Stanley
Heart of a for athletes
Foundations 260 Plan
The Disciples Path...a six book series

As always, I left feeling that some of God's best serve in College Ministry and that many serve at great personal sacrifice. Their ingenuity and creativity on limited budgets always amazes me. I was challenged to walk closer to the Lord and trust Him more. And besides that, I just laugh a lot!

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