Monday, November 21, 2016

12 Questions to Ask About Your College Ministry

1. If the big attracts and the small keeps, which do you do best? What needs improving?

2. Can a student do all of your ministry in one year....why should or will they come back next year?

3. If freshmen are the most available and open, how are you being freshmen intentional?

4. If a student wants to come to your large group event, how easy or hard is it to find and to know what to do?

5. What is the main reason students connect to your ministry?

6. What's the main reason students don't connect to your ministry?

7. What is the perception of your ministry by those outside of it? Why is that?

8. What is the strength of your ministry?

9. What is the weakness of your ministry?

10. What's the one thing you would do if your budget were larger? Do others know that?

11. Do your students hear about the gospel, forgiveness and calling?

12. Are you challenging your alums to give $25 by the end of the year? #Givetwentyfive

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