Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Simple College Ministry Formula or Stategy....GOATS!

People starting out in College Ministry, volunteers or part time workers will often ask, "What is a simple formula for doing the basics?". Or, a long time veteran will say, "How do I make sure in the middle of doing all I do that I have not lost sight of the meat of what our ministry should be?".

GOATS or G.O.A.T.S. is my answer.

G...GROWTH: Do discipleship one to one and effective small groups.

O...OUTREACH: Intentionally connect with those who don't automatically come to you and or do know not know Christ. I believe the most effective way to do this is through intentional and specific Freshmen Ministry and outreach in the most critical first three weeks of school.

A...A RALLY POINT: this is a group worship or teaching time that builds an identify for your ministry, an encouraging fellowship and a low commitment entry point.

T...TRAINING: Train students to be leaders in your ministry, in the church and for our society. Developing student leaders is the great multiplier of our ministry, time, and variety of spiritual gifts.

S...SERVICE: Provide opportunities for service in the community and in the world. Today's student wants to make a difference. Even non-Believers can be attracted to opportunities to serve. Developing a servant spirit is part of our ministry.

How is your GOAT ministry doing? Are you a GOAT herder? Or, have you lost sight of the basics?

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