Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Know Anyone Who Was Impacted by a BSU, BSM, BCM, or Other Baptist Ministry?

Wonder how many people have been impacted by BSU (or a Baptist ministry by another name) in the last fifty years? The number would be in the thousands and could even be in the millions. What if ALL of us gave $25 to that ministry by the end of this calendar year? I am not particularly good at math, but twenty-five times one million is $25 million. Or, 500,000 times $25 is a measly $12.5 million.

Many BSU's, BCM's or BSM's have experienced financial cut backs in recent years. Did you know that Virgina has recently told their BCM Campus Ministers that in the next year or two they must begin to raise part of their own salaries? That is in addition to money many already raise for their program budgets.

As church giving has declined, many local campus ministry budgets have seen cutbacks in what they receive. Some campuses that had multiple staff have lost associate positions. In this day of growing expenses and the loss of college young adults to the church and faith, many of our College Ministries are trying to do more with less.

The answer is pretty simple. If ALL of us who were impacted for good, came to know the Lord, met our spouse, would have QUIT college that first semester wihout the BSU, or served in a leadership role in a campus based BSU/BCM were to give just $25, the need would be met. Why $25? All of us can afford to give $25 some time between now and the end of the year. This is not a plea to the wealthy or that "one percent" we hear so much about. This is for ALL of us.

What if you challenged everyone who was in your Freshmen Bible study group to give $25? Or, what about all those guys who were on your Intramural football team? Remember how you did not know how you would have made it without that group? You can make sure that ministry can continue to do for others what was done for you.

If we all give $25, we can see a miracle in what is happening on college campuses.

Did you know....

-there were 10,632 salvations through BCM ministries this past school year?

-615,706 students reached?

-9,472 small group Bible study groups?

-4,469 students who served in Summer Missions?

The College Minister/BSU Director who meant so much to you may still be there. Or, it may be someone you do not know. But, receiving $25 from you will be a huge encouragement to them at the end of a long fall semester

Pass the word. Let's all #Givetwentyfive

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