Friday, December 17, 2010

7 Characteristics of the Successful College Minister

1.  Be Intentionally Relational (relationships are the currency of our ministry.)
2.  Possess and demonstrate Integrity while being the face of your ministry (people will believe in your ministry in relationship to how they believe in you.).
3.  Be a good communicator (tell stories that illustrate truths is a story teller.).
4.  Keep changing, growing.
5.  Be a multi-tasker (think about next semester while you are finishing up this one...and next fall.)
6.  Provide leadership and vision to your ministry....if you don't there is none or the wrong one providing it!
7.  Balance ministering and matter how relational and cool you are you need to plan and organize...and no matter how organized you are, you must keep working at your personal ministry.  The successful college minister has a ministry of his/her own and over-sees a ministry that touches way more people than he/she can touch personally.  That is the balance!!

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