Friday, December 31, 2010

An All-Star Team of College Ministers/Some You can Learn From

"Who's the best?" one of the pilots asked in the Top Gun movie when they arrive for their training?  Often, this question is asked, sometimes in an unhealthy, competitive way.  But, it is often asked in wanting to know who are some people I can watch, talk to and learn from.  I remember how I used to corner Ircil Harrison at national meetings and just annoy the daylights out of him asking questions.  He was then the Campus Minister at Mississippi State University.  There is no answer to "who is the best?' because every situation is different and one person may be great in their situation, but could not make it in the situation in which you serve.  But, here is an All-Star Team from which you can learn some things:
Johnny Pons, Penn State
Lloyd Lunceford, Southern Mississippi
Dave Buschman, Princeton
Bruce Venable, FBC Lubbock
Steve Masters, LSU
Joel Bratcher, Texas A&M
Mike McQuitty, Syracuse
Charles Lillard, Central Oklahoma
Lynn Loyd, U of Arkansas
Darrell Cook, Virginia Tech
Tim Stewart, U of South Carolina
Linda Osborne (She hasn't forgotten it all yet!)
Mike Whelan, Georgia Tech
Keith Cating, McNeese State, LA

What are your nominations for this All-Star team?


  1. I would have to add a couple of college BSU Directors I have worked with (besides Arliss who is my hero) - Tom McLaughlin at Northwest Community College and Frank Porter formerly at NWCC and now at Jones County Junior College, and to this add anyone who voluntarily gives their time to reach and disciple college students. Though not in the BIG time, what they do is HUGE in the lives of students. Thanks, Arliss for doing this blog!

  2. These are great additions...who else wants to add to it?

  3. Great List! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Arliss,
    This is an incredible list - I love all of these guys, and they are some incredible college ministers.
    One I think you left off, and I'm not saying this out of bias (well maybe a little), is Tim LaFleur. What he has done at Nicholls State in Thibodaux, LA, is amazing. He has been a true example of discipleship and godliness in ministry to many people.
    - Jonathan LaFleur