Friday, December 17, 2010


I think most of you know that Sue and I have decided to retire at the end of the Spring Semester from the ASU/BCM ministry.This is a painful decision for me even though I feel it is the right one at the right time. It is hard for me to imagine our life apart from this ministry and campus!! BUT, I am not at the stage I am ready to rock full time or play golf all the time. I will continue to work for the National BCM as the Leadership Development Contract big part of that will be working on the National Collegiate Ministers Summit for Spring of 2012. Also, I plan to do some speaking, consulting, etc. Any and all prayers are appreciated.

I have great concerns about the future of college issues are causing cuts lots of places and often one of the first places cuts happen is in college ministry. This comes as church leaders are saying, "what can we do to not lose this generation?" I think we must contine to advocate for and demonstrate both the need and success of our ministries and all college ministry.


  1. I know you have helped train up some excellent college ministry leaders - Darrell and Amber to name 2. You are loved and your influence will continue for many, many years!!

  2. You have been a great mentor, leader, teacher, and most of all friend to many students. April, Stephanie, Andy, and I were discussing just how much you and Sue will be missed from the BCM. I appreciate the time and prayer you have put into the ministry.

  3. Going to miss you! Thanks for all you have done and making me feel right at home at the BCM!

  4. Arliss you are, without a doubt, one of my few heroes.

    I've already told Johnny Pons that IS to get you at Penn State to speak--no if, ands, or buts.