Thursday, December 16, 2010

College Ministry Experts

I am amazed at the number of people today who are "college ministry experts" being quoted who have only done college ministry briefly and/or are only aware of the one situation in which they have worked.  They have something to add to the conversation for sure.....but it is just a little strange that some of these folks have been raised up as the ones to follow or emulate.  In future blogs I hope to share some info and insight from some people who have done it many years very successfully and often in more than one place.


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  2. To this post I would say two things... Ha

    1. "College ministry experts" who have the "most" exposure and "being quoted" are those who are "experts" by association. Put differently, those who run in large ministry circles. These "Experts" by association oftentimes use big name friends to write forwards in books in order to get major book deals from major publishing companies...

    2. Mega-churches or organizations controlled by mega churches are monopolizing the ministry market for resourcing. Oftentimes, synonymous with mega-churches, are terms like innovation, relevance, and creativity. Consequently, readers feel like if they adapt this mega strategy, a "mega" ministry will be the result.

    Unfortunately, from a business standpoint, creativity plus name by association sells over experience.

    At the end of the day, ministries begin looking tragically homogenous if this phenomenon continues...

    What's the solution? Reading what everyone brings to the table and sifting the wheat from the chaff is my preference.

    The great thing about blogging is that it allows everyone to be a resource for each other.